WordPress Theme Development Tutorial : Different Page Views

The second things of  wordpress theme development tutorial is Different page views. A website is a sum of some pages. How this page and what type of this page is the main idea of this wordpress theme development tutorial: Different Page Views post.

wordpress theme development tutorial :Understanding Different Page

There actually only a few differing types of page to look at :

  1. The Home Page – sometimes at the basis uniform resource locator of your domain
  2. Single Posts – displays one post at a time, usually in its totality
  3. Static Pages – pages that area unit outside the flow of traditional posts
  4. Custom Pages – static pages that are customised
  5. Search Results – displays an inventory or outline of posts matching a research
  6. Archive – shows series of posts for categories, tags, dates, and authors


wordpress theme development tutorial:WP Page.php file

We already learned regarding Pages and the way they’re most ordinarily used for “static” vogue content. you can’t categorise or tag a Page, they exist outside the written record flow of posts, and that they don’t seem within the RSS feed like Posts do. As such, the theme guide accustomed show Pages is usually completely different than that accustomed show Posts. as an example, it’s going to lack the practicality to show things like dates, author names, and comments. Instead, it’d embrace practicality to show the crumb path of its hierarchy of parent pages . This may be better for you if you read the WP Theme Files article. Look at the following image for a practical page view . Open following image in a new tab .

wordpress Theme Anatomy-About Us

Here you can see that, there are no way to comments. So you can realize that, this is not a public place for discussion. You can use unique sidebar into any pages. But i normally put recent post, popular post and category in my wp about us page. But you can edit this as you want.

wordpress theme development tutorial :Single.php Views are for Posts

The single.php file is accountable for displaying one Post. There is also elements of the only.php guide file for displaying categorization and different “meta” info regarding the post, furthermore because the practicality needed for displaying the comments space and comment kind. maybe you wish your single posts to be alittle wider and fewer cluttered? the only.php file is wherever you may omit job the sidebar and alter your CSS consequently.You must read the previous post for understand this post.  If you take a look into the following image, it will be clear to you about the view of post into wp. Open following image in a new tab .

wordpress Theme Anatomy- WP Awesome Announcements Plugin

You can see here public comment feature. This mean that, this is a place for public discussion. Public doesn’t mean that anybody make a comment here. You can also stop comment if post become older. You can also use comment for the blog subscriber or blog member.

How WP Sure Which File to Use for Rendering the View

All this point out completely different page views is mendicancy the most question,” WP fathom however work that model file to use?” you would possibly assume that it’s hard-wired into WP, however as we’ve learned, most of the files terribly} very theme square measure elective. If your theme doesn’t have associate archive.php file, will WP simply show a blank page? completely not, it moves down its hierarchy of model templates files to seek out consecutive most acceptable file to use. Ultimately, all ways within the WP templating world finish at the index.php file. No marvel this can be such a vital and needed file! even as we have a tendency to move down the hierarchy toward index.php, {we can|we will|we square measure able to} travel within the alternative direction and build templet files that are terribly specific. for instance, if we have a tendency to want to own a novel templet once viewing class #456 of our web log, we will produce a file known as category-456.php, and WP can mechanically use it.Make a straightforward check out the hierarchy flow chart. Open following image in a new tab .

wordpress Theme Anatomy How WordPress Sure Which File to Use for Rendering the View

Hope the Different Page Views of wordpress theme development tutorial become clear to you. Thank you for read this post. If you like this  wordpress theme development tutorial : Different Page Views article ,please consider to share it with your friends.

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