WordPress Or Blogger !! Which Is Best For Me?

The internet world has many CMS site now. wordpress or blogger is two CMS (content management system) site in the world. This two are very popular in the world for create a website . Many think that wordpress is best and other think that wordpress is best. Wordpress Or Blogger Now , I am going to tell you Why I select WordPress and what you going to select for blogging wordpress or blogger.

At first , I want to direct say that wordpress is best. I am giving details about how to create a professional blog and does wordpress is perfect for it? Why blogger can’t do it? I have maintain some point and add a description  with it.

Blogger and WordPress both offer free blogging career. You can get hosting if you want. I have started first with blogger. I have learnt the basic with blogger. But when I come on the light of wordpress , I am falling love with wordpress. I can strongly say that wordpress is best.

  • This is my practical life think . I have research about wordpress or blogger many times. Read this from my practicel think.

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Why wordpress ?

I have told you at first that I have started with blogspot or blogger but after 1 year I have moved to wordpress and learn wordpress.

Control Your Blog Or Website

This is the main reason for why i support wordpress. Blogger is powered by google and Google can delete your account and give you a warning. But when you have self hosted service there are no chance for delete account or any warning. At blogger if many person report with your site or blog ,it may be delete by Google.  So,that I like wordpress now.Wordpress is secure , but you have to protect wordpress site from Brute Force Attack  or protect site with plugin.

Search Engine Optimization

Where your blog hosted doesn’t matter. SEO is very important for your blog or website. But doing SEO without plugin is very hard. Blogger has no plugin or widget for this but at wordpress you can find WordPress Yoast Plugin for SEO . WordPress offers many necessary option for SEO. But at blogger you may find some option for SEO. I have write an article about Tips For Create SEO Optimized Articles In WordPress .

 Plugins & Support

WordPress is a community of huge number of plugin and a great support forum. You can get 24 hour support from the wordpress forum .  You can get more plugin free and also premium theme also. You can get your necessary plugin from our selected Best WordPress Plugins . But blogger has no such types of facility.

Themes & Templates

BlogSpot offers many theme but due to commercial nature of WordPress, you will find unlimited free and Premium WordPress themes . Since you have ftp access you can complete the theme and feel the wordpress theme look . We selected best 75 creative wordpress theme.

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When a man use free he/she has no great think with this. But when a man take self host he/she try to improve it. Many person use black hat SEO for blogger site or try to always share into social site for visitor. He /She hardly try to create something great with free blog as there is a confusion about Google may delete the free blog. But , in wordpress self host , people try to do something new. WordPress is easy for doing white SEO with all SEO tool. WordPress SEO Yoast Plugin helps to maintain SEO on wordpress for article.

Reselling Your Self Host Blog

Google strictly doesn’t allow reselling of your free BlogSpot blogs , but the case is different here with self hosted blog of wordpress or other blog. You can always resell your self hosted blog.

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Social Media

If you use  social media and and bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble upon and reddit , I am sure that you don’t like blogspot blog. I strongly can say that you love wordpress like me. There are also many network for bloggers like  Buysellads doesn’t accept BlogSpot bloggers.

After all wordpress always update his version and keep update with new world. It’s plugins are also updated by the plugins author.

There are many interest of people in the world. WordPress Or Blogger are all perfect for some man. Some like wordpress and some like blogger, but i indicate some professional rule for why select wordpress.

Now , what your mind saying, What you wanna select for yourslef WordPress Or Blogger?

Roy Jemee is a professional Blogger. Apart of blogging he likes to play with mathematics. He knows Blogging, Wordpress, PHP, javascript , SEO and some other.