Why People Choose Blogger Before WordPress

If you search into Google by “WordPress VS Blogger” you will see that 9/10 or more people say that wordpress is best. I also think that, but I never says that blogger is bad. Blogger is useful for them who just start blogging. Though blogger doesn’t offer many offer like wordpress , its very need for them who just start. Blogger before wordpress learning is perfect for your first step. I have also do this.

Add Blogger Sidebar Into Your Blogger Blog

When I was a man of 17 years , I don’t know about html, css, php, wordpress, blogger. One day search on Google by typing “blog” and read the wiki article and than check the second result and third result. By this I create my first blogger blog. My learning start with my first blog.

I am going to tell you some idea about why people use blogger?

Blogger before wordpress

First point is its free !!

People all over the world try to learn something free at first. Blogger offer free blogging so people try to create blog at blogger. No domain needed here , no hosting needed. Just need a gmail account and sign in with it and than follow next instruction. Blogger is totally free and never ask for a single sent. This is the first reason for using Blogger before wordpress .

Easier Than Other

Blogger is easier than other. As I have used blogger and wordpress , I can strongly say that blogger is easy. Everybody can work with blogger. You have no think about security of your blogger site. You can do SEO also if you know about advanced some tips.

Add Read More With Thumbnail Into Blogger

Add Google+ Comment On Blogger


Google is one of the most famous name on the internet. Google is the best search engine on the internet world. As Google is the main publisher of blogger so that this is a fact for be popular. Google always do something with the help of its service. Recently, they redesigned Blogger(in draft.blogger.com) which gave Blogger a lot of attraction. Google also change the blogger name to Google blogs. Google always do something new with their service and this is the final point of why people use blogger before wordpress. This is the final and third reason for using blogger before wordpress .

My suggest : Blogger is not bad and WordPress is not also bad. Blogger is your start point but when you become professional you have to use wordpress. But you must need to know about Blogger and WordPress. I recommended you to learn Blogger before wordpress and read the following two posts:

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