Why Google Is So Special For Me

why google is so special is a great question. Google is one of the biggest search engine in the world is know n to you. But why this is the biggest search engine? There are also a lot of search engine in the world. In my word, Google is the ins and outs of internet. Though I use Yahoo, Bing but I like Google very much. Look at the following image for see why google is so special , I have collect it from Google also. It gives you the clear idea about Google and its popularity.

why google is so special

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Simple and easy

Google is very simple and very easy for do any work. You can see the homepage of Google. It is not so much colorful , it’s very simple and short. It is also a reason for why google is so special . Anyone can use it at his / her first time.

SEO and Google

In the current world most of SEO master do SEO for Google. Getting visitor from Google is the first dream for the admin of website. For finding keyword you have to depend on Google keyword tool. So you can understand that, without Google you can’t do perfect SEO for you site. Though there are many keyword research tool but Google keyword tool in the best all of them. Google panda and penguin is most popular for them who works hard. This is the main reason for its popularity. Mind that, junior always follow the senior footprint.

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Google, certainly at the moment, owns the Internet, and if you want your online business to thrive, you need to be serious about Google. Google likes its regular customer. You have to work regular for Google by your website. If you can’t do this Google may be angry with you. Keep better relation with Google for your become success.

So now it’s clear to you why google is so special .

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