What Is Phpmyadmin? Why It Is Known As Phpmyadmin?

PhpMyAdmin is a MySQL database Administration tool written by PHP programming language. It is shortly known as PhpMyAdmin. Now a days PhpMyAdmin is most popular for MySQL database Administration in the world. It is completely free in internet. In PhpMyAdmin there are no MySQL database contains, the main task is it helps to interacts with some query in MySQL server. PhpMyAdmin is completely different from MySQL database bundle package.

There are many third party GUI clients written by different programming languages.

Example-MySQL Workbench, HeidiSQL, Navicat etc.

Some of them are paid but most of them are freeware. Most of them are desktop based application software. MySQL Workbench is developed by Oracle.

There are few more open source tools like PhpMyAdmin are- SQL Buddy, Adminer. One of the reason for most popularity of PhpMyAdmin are- web based, open source, cross platform and huge amount of online resources.

Why it is known as phpmyadmin?

It may arise a question if it is built for maintaining the MySQL databases, so why it should not be named as MySQLAdmin? The answer is also given above.