What Is Blog And What Is Website ?

what is blog? what is website? Why I open a blog of website.

what is blog ? : Blog is a media by which you can update yourself. In blog you can write or share what you want. Blogging is a great good addiction for you.

What is website? : Website is for fixed products and it needs to maintain discipline. It may be for some special company , special person.

You can compare blog with your home and website is your office. In your blog you can do everything as you want. But you can’t do this with your website. You have to maintain discipline on your website.  You can write about many thing on your blog but you can’t do it on your web site. For example, Suppose you have a blog where you write about different types of mobile , perhaps Nokia mobile company has a web site http://www.nokia.com/ . Here you can find only about nokia phone. This is called website. Blog is a personal thing but website for Special products or for Special company only their own products. Blogging is possible only dynamic designing platform. But website can be design with static and dynamic. If you want to make website static its not possible for you to carry on , because a blog need to update regular. A blog contains many post sometimes 500 /1000. But a web site contains 18 to 20 page. Blog is update via posting but sometimes website need to update.

Roy Jemee is a professional Blogger. Apart of blogging he likes to play with mathematics. He knows Blogging, Wordpress, PHP, javascript , SEO and some other.