Use Google Trends For Websites To Select Keyword

I have told something about google trends for websites into the Best Keyword By Google Keyword Research Tool article. I am going to explain details about it now. Now question is that How & Why Google trends for website is needed?

Why I Use Google Trends For Websites

Google trends stand for showing the graph of how many search number of  the keyword daily have. This is very important for SEO. If you select a keyword which is not search regular now but you may see that the global monthly search result is good. You may not get regular search traffic from search engine. Google trends result is also important for choosing a keyword.

Best Way For Optimize Your Website

How I Use Google Trends

You have to go to your URL bar and type “” for visit the homepage of google trends.  You may see the homepage like the following image.

Google trends Homepage


When you want to see the search number you have to click on “explore” or just  ” ” . Look at the following image;

Google trends explore


Look at the “search term”. This option is important option for you. From this option you can work. You have to write your keyword into “all search term” and than make a single click into a blank place of this page. After a while you may seen the search number of this by a graph.

For example; I have write down “Google trends” and want to see the search number. Look at the following image.

Google trends keyword


You can also compare a keyword with another keyword by this tool. Just click on add item and write down again a keyword into it.

How To Select Best Keywords By Google Keyword Research Tool

Basic Introduction To Use Google Keyword Research Tool

Google trends search explore


I have write “Google trends” and “Graphics design” as I want to see the competition between this two keyword. After a while it shows me a double graph with 2 color. You can add more keyword and can check the search number.

Google trends compare


Selecting a main keyword for your site is not so easy. You must need to use this tool. If you don’t know how people search regularly your keyword , how it possible to be success. Now I think you can understand how much google trends for websites is important.

If the search volume is very law at Google Keyword tool ,it doesn’t show the graph on Google trends.