Top 5 Long Tail Keywords Tool For Blogger

If you miss the article called keyword tool introduction read this first. Than you have to know about long tail keyword.Top 5 Long Tail Keywords Tool here.  Keyword are create by people who search on search engine with their target info. For example you want to know about WP Awesome FAQ Plugin of wordpress. There are many people who search about the plugin name. Some people may be search like “use of WP Awesome FAQ Plugin” other may be search with “How to use WP Awesome FAQ Plugin” but generally people search with WP Awesome FAQ Plugin. Here “WP Awesome FAQ Plugin” is the main keyword and the “use of wp awesome faq plugin” and “How to use wp awesome faq plugin” seems long tail keyword of this main keyword. If you are new into blogging long tail keyword is very important for your site content.

Today I am going to share with you some long tail keywords tool. This tool’s will help you to find long tail keywords for you. I will explain the main features of this tool and after that you can select one of this for you.

Google Auto Complete tool:

As you know that google is a very most popular search engine in the world and it’s try to give something awesome to it’s customer. This is your first free tool for long tail keyword search. This contain some handy feature by google. This will help you easily find out long tail keyword in any niche. You just need to type your first keyword and select the option from auto-suggestion. If you want to check details about his tool you have to go to this guide from SEMRUSH. After all this is very easy and simple Long Tail Keywords Tool .

Google Auto-suggest:

This tool is powered by tool by Keywordtooldominator, which actually takes default feature of Google auto-suggestion to next level. Auto suggested keyword means long tail keywords. This tool help you to download you all keywords in .csv format. You can use any Keyword research tool to check other important details about the Keyword. I suggest you to create a list of all this keywords for you.


At first I want to tell you that this is a paid tool. I don’t use it but one of my brother says me about this tool and he use this for his business. If you are a professional blogger, Running a business blog, E-commerce website than HitTail will help you more about make a list of long tail keywords , which is better than all result. As I don’t use this I can not explain details about this for you. But you can make a look into Hittail review article for details.

WordTracker Keyword tool:

This is very popular keyword research tool for many blogger in this world. If you use this tool you can easily find out profitable long tail keywords for you. This express about searches, competition , IAAT(Keyword in anchor and text) and keyword effectiveness index. I find this is a very effective tool.

You can also consider taking their 7 days free-trial, to get advance features like:

  • See 2000 search results
  • Use the related search tools (This is very handy)
  • Access search engine data using SEMRUSH.
  • Save your lists
  • Get other details like Competition details and KEI.

Long tail pro:

This is a perfect desktop based software. If you are looking for desktop based solution you can use this. As this is a paid tool it offers a lot of features with find out profitable long tail keywords. Here is a screenshot which may be able to explain how you can search for long tail keyword. If you haven’t purchased this too, you can complete 10 days free trial of this software.

This 5 long tail keywords tool  is very popular for all blogger. You can select one of this for you. First you have to try this 5 tool, after that select one.

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