Top 10 URLs For A Perfect Google User

Google is one of the best search engine over the world. You may have a Google ID as you are a internet user. I never says that i can do everything by google and i don’t need help form other like yahoo, bing and so on.

At first i have open Yahoo id and connect internet via yahoo id. But with the passing of time i need more and more service so that i need to know more about all service. My current FB ID , twitter ID and other social site id build with yahoo.

Be A Perfect Google User

But Google provide some special features for it’s customer. You will get a short description and URL for top 10 URLS for a perfect google user.

1. Sign Up Without Gmail

You can create a new Google ID by this tool. The regular sign up process will be provide here. You can use any other mail address as user name. 


2.Google preferences

Google automatically build a profile based on most popular sites your visit , Google plus ID some other signals. They try to gues your age , gender and you like / dislike so that they can provide you adds as you like. Use this following URL to know how can Google all time follow you and look after you. 


3. Google Take out tools

Google provide you to download your all data with this tool. You can export your all data with Google takeout tool. You can download photos, music, and your youtube video also.

Google takeout services

4. Google Legal service

If you ever found any other user having your products into google, you can take step with this tool. You can say Blogger, AdSense, Google+ or YouTube – you can raise a DMCA complaint with Google against that site to get that content removed. 

Google legal services

5. Location history

Do you use Android  devices? if yes it may be reporting your recent location data and velocity (are you moving and if yes, how fast are you moving) back to Google servers. Head over the google plus maps you can watch your location history and download it as KML files into your devices. It can be view inside google earth or even your google drive also. 

Google location history

6. Google history

Google safely store your searching data. Searching data means which you search into Google homepage. They also store add which you click through various website while visiting.

Google web history settings

7.Google inactive setting

You must need to sign in your google accounts within 9 months. If if you don’t google may terminate your google account for their program policies.

You may have more than one google ID but you use one of them regular. But what happened with the other ID? You can set up your main gmail ID as a trusted  content for your secondary ID . Thus google will send you remainders every few month for login to you secondary accounts of google.

secure inactive google accounts

8.Google activity setting

Do you think that someone use your Google ID? You can simply check it form this service of google. Just check out which devices your Google ID log in. You can also get the IP address. 

Google activity service

9.Google permissions

This is a complete list of web apps, browser extension, Google scripts and mobile app which you log in to with your Google ID.If the permissions level says “access to basic account info” just normally ok this.

Google permissions

10. Verify Admin Account Password Reset

This is the most important URL for all Google user. If your Google account hacked by some one, use the secret link for recover your password. You must be asked to verify your domain name by creating a CNAME record in your DNS.

Reset my google ID password
This 10 URLs make you Perfect Google User . Try to best use this 10 URLs.

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