Tips For Optimize WordPress Load Time

WordPress Load Time & Importance

Load time is a very important fact for your website. After all, load time also count on Google page rank algorithm. In wordpress load


time is depend on your hand. If you put some steps for this you can can control your wordpress load time and be able to create a best website.  So, if you can decrease your load time , your page rank may be grow up. You can use Google webmaster tool for check your load time of your website.  You can install page speed , it will be give you some suggestion for decrease load time.


Tips for decrease wordpress load time

Use Cache Plugin : There are many cache plugin into wordpress directory. I like W3-total-cache personally. You can download this plugin from wordpress directory by searching or go download W3-total-cache plugin .

Decrease your image size : If you use large size image into your website, it will be increase the load time of your website. You can compress image by photoshop and crop into small size. You can use the resizr online  tool also.

Don’t use more plugin : Always avoid to use much plugin for your wordPress website. There are many person who use more than 15 or 20 plugin for his /her website. Always try to install less plugin into your site. Which plugins are necessary for your site from the plugin list you have to just use them .

Use your own image: You have to upload image into your hostage. If you upload image other hostage , it may be take a long time for load your website.

Use CDN (Content Delivery Network) : CDN is a content delivery network. If your site contain many content for download, you can use this. So that, visitor can download this from your site and CDN , it will decrease your load time. You can use this amazon tool for CDN. It’s free form 5GB.

Remove unnecessary javascript and css code: Remove the unnecessary code from your theme. Because all information increase site load and this is also a reason for load time. Look carefully at style.css and custom.css is there any unnecessary code? If it contains just remove wordpress-load-timethis code. Look at the javascript file also. If you use thesis theme you have to check custom_functions.php file.

Use javascript into footer: You can call Custom javascript file into footer. So that, your site will be load at first and than the style and customization will be load.

Stop hot linking : When any person use your site image into his site by copy your image URL is called hot linking. If many person use this for their own website. Your bandwidth may be waste more. So that, you have to stop hot linking from your site to another site. If you want to stop hot linking , you have to copy the following code and paste it into your htaccess.

# Hotlink Protection

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^ [NC,OR]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^http://(.+\.)?domainhere\.com/ [NC]

RewriteRule .*\.(jpe?g|gif|bmp|png)$ - [F]

Image dimension : If it is possible you can adjust your image dimension. If you do this, the browser doesn’t need to adjust itself. If already adjust any browser by your dimension.

img src="image.jpg" alt="" width="125" height="125

Keep up to date: Always try to keep update your site by updating latest version of plugin and theme. Because , every update solve some bugs.

You haven’t do all this things as i maintain. You can do as you need. Such as , your post may not be contain photos. For that , you have not do any thing with this. All this tips will help you to Optimize WordPress Load Time . You can optimize all option as you need.

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