Some Keyword Factors Used In The Algorithm

The following factor plays a great portion of the google algorithm. Google looks at the following factor of your page and gives page rank. Most important Some Keyword Factors is indicated by me here.

Most Important Some Keyword Factors

Keyword proximity

Google all time looks at individual words that make up phrases. Measure of word order closeness is keyword proximity. The closer all words in a keyword phrase are together, and in the correct order, the better.

Keyword PlacementSome Keyword Factors

This indicate where on the page keyword are located. Google looks for keyword in some place of page like heading, page title, body text, in links, at image “alt” tag .

Keyword prominence

A measure of how early or high up on a page the keywords are found. Having keyword in the first heading or before than first 20 words is better for you.

Keyword density  

This is also known as keyword width. The number of keyword in a page divided by total number of words in a page is the keyword density for this page. There are confusion about keyword density. Different types of program and different types of system shown different type of keyword density. Don’t try to spam. Mind that, never try to fill your web page by keyword unnecessarily.

Keyword Format

Having bolded format keyword in the beginning of article is better for you.Though this is not a very important factor but it helps little bit.

This is all about Some Keyword Factors , follow this all tips while writing a article for you blogsite.

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