Simple Way For Submit Sitemap To Bing

Google and Bing are both search engine. Google lunched their Google Webmaster Tool , perhaps Microsoft lunched their Bing Webmaster Tool . It will help you to include your site into Bing search engine. There are many man who use Bing. Don’t ignore it. This article is written for learn how to submit sitemap to bing.

How To Submit Sitemap To Bing Easily

I assume that, you know about sitemap. If you know about sitemap and generator sitemap. Than you can learn Submit Sitemap To Bing . For create sitemap into wordpress you can use the Google XML sitemap plugin.

Sign in into Bing Webmaster Tool :

You can use your MSN/Hotmail account for log in into it. If you don’t have a Microsoft ID , you have to create a new one.


After log in into bing webmaster tool, just click on “add a new site” option.

Submit-Sitemap-To-Bing-login add a site

In the next page, enter details and click on submit. You have to enter your website address here.


When you submit this page, you will be get the final option for Submit Sitemap To Bing . There are two types of verification system. One of them is uploading a xml file and another is add meta tag into header.


After all , I like uploading file verification very much. You have to download the XML file and than upload it into your wp-admiin (for wordpress) and other website directory.

Submit Sitemap To Bing is very important for you. There are many people in the world , who use bing as their search engine.

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