Simple SEO Technique For Use Proper Image

The proper use of image is a simple SEO technique for you. If you maintain this simple SEO technique you may get visitor from Google image search.

Use of Image

Image is a very important thing for your website. Image can express a lot of thing of your post. Sometime a image can express the full thing of your post or website. For example a professional logo of a website can express something about the website.

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Html and image

You have to add image into your webpage by html. Html contains a image tag, by this tag you can add image. Simply you may read the Add Image Into Webpage By Html Image Tag article for learn details about it. There are some image attribute for your use. Images attribute is very necessary for you. Such as “alt” is a attribute of image tag. If you think that alt is a tag ,you are wrong. Alt is not a tag but attribute.

How Google Understand Same Image

You may be become strange by hearing that Google can’t see your site images. Google can only see the size and alt attribute of the image. When you search image into Google with any keyword it collect the related keyword alt attribute images. So ,you must be serious when you add a image into your blog post.

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How you use image from Google

The main simple SEO technique is alt attribute for your image. If Google can understand that you copy andsimple SEO techniques and Image paste images from other site to your site. You may be banned by Google. When you use alt attribute ,use the keyword into it.  But ,if you know the following tips you may be successful for use image from Google. Look at the following step;

  • Copy image from Google image search.
  • Open your photoshop ,if you haven’t just collect it and install it.
  • Open your image into photoshop.
  • Crop it from any side or all side. You can color it also as you want.
  • You must re-name the photo.
  • Upload it into your server and while add into post use alt attribute.

This is a tips for copy image from other site. But I suggest you to use your own image. If you need image than create it as you need. You may take help from graphics designer. This simple SEO technique will help you to use image into blog.

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