Responsive Free Admin Panel Template : AdminLTE

About  AdminLTE free admin panel template

This free admin panel template contains two skin (black and blue).

This is build with twitter bootstrap 3 framework.

This is totally open source free admin panel template.

Enjoy it as you nedd.

AdminLTE free admin panel template


AdminLTE Features

1- Fully responsive
2- 18 plugins and 3 custom plugins
3- Full support for Glyphicons, Fontawsome and Ion icons
4- Enhanced for printing
5- Light weight and fast
6- Based on Boostrap 3 framework by Twitter
7- Sortable dashboard widgets
8- Compatible with most major browsers

AdminLTE Featured Pages

1- Dashboard
2- Mailbox
3- Calendar
4- Time Line
5- Invoice
6- Lockscreen
7- Log-in
8- Register
9- 404 Error
10- 500 Error
11- BlankPage

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