Programming Language Vs Markup Language

Why HTML is a markup language, not programming language?

HTML is not a programming language. It is different from programming language. HTML explain text formatting and page layout, which is called markup language. So that it is called markup language. It will not give you interactive something. For doing this work you have to code building by javascript. HTML can’t do normal calculation also. Perhaps, the main subject of programming language is calculation, decision, instruction repeat, data search, data process and so on. But with html you can not do any work of programming.


What is programming language?

HTML lcan do something by the help of HTML programming, like –comment on page, code layout. If anybody want to learn the use of html , he/she need to learn the concept. At present there are many programming language. Some language work for some fixed work. From them , some indicate how to work, if you don’t follow them your program will not work. Your program may be off if you wrong something.  It is very easy to learn how to make web page by HTML , but learn programming is very important. HTML is very easy. If you do something wrong, it will be displayed on web page. But at the time of programming you can not get any result. So that you can say that HTML is a language but not programming language it is a markup language.

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