Learn HTML To Create A Website: Begginer’s Tutorial Part-1

Why to Learn HTML?

If you wish to create a website and don’t know how to do it rather to operate a computer. Then you should read this artical from first to last. Here we are going to discuss how to build a website from scratch. This article series is designed as beginner’s Tutorial. If you are not a beginner then you can read Basic Concepts on WordPress: WordPress Tutorial-1. We are assuming that you are a person who has no idea about how to create a website. Let me tell you that to do so you need to learn HTML first.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML files are nothing more than simple text files. HTML is nothing more than fancy structured content. It is easy to learn – You will enjoy it.

Lets start writting HTML

To start writting in HTML you just need a text editor. Easily available text editor is Notepad. To open notepad goto Start–>Programs–>Accessories–>Notepad.
Lets write the followings onto your notepad and I’ll discuss what we did after a while.

<!DOCTYPE html>
Hi! I’ve just created my first web page.

Now save this file with .html extension (for example filename.html).

Goto the location you have just saved your file and open it. What do you see? A web page which is saying “Hi! I’ve just created my first web page.”
Isn’t it cool?
Now come to the point that we’ve done. In the notepad we wrote some block of codes which are actually HTML tags.

What is HTML TAG?

HTML tags are generally come in pairs and surrounded by angle brackets like <body> and </body>. The first element of this pair is called start tag and second one is known as end tag. The end tag is written like the start tag, with a forward slash before the tag name. Start and end tags are also called opening tags and closing tags.

In our case, firstly we wrote “<!DOCTYPE …>” this tag is written to tell the browser that this file is of HTML kind. Secondly we wrote the <html> which describes start of web page. Then between <body> and </body> tags are used to put the main contents which we desire to show through our web page. Finally </html> tag describes end of the web page.

This is it. So simply we just created a webpage.

In our next article we will discuss about Attributes, Element and many more things which are essential to create a website.