Importance To Use Keywords In Social Media

Social Networks

You can not think you without social media of the world. At blogging sector Keywords In Social Media plays a great factor.   There are many social media is the world like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkdln, etc.In the world there are no one who use net but haven’t a id on social site. This is very common thing for people to have a social site id like facebook, twitter etc. Social site is stand for connecting people you know or other. You can get update your life by social site. So, you must need to know the use of Keywords In Social Media for create a website or blog popular.

Why social site’s are important for blogging?

This question’s answer is the main think of this article. You may think , why social site important? The importance of social site for bloggin is beggar description. You can not think how much you can get good result by social site. Just think , you have write a article for your blog. But it is not indexed by google or doesn’t share the article link into social site. Than , the world people how can find your article. Share link of article is very great for you. If the world people can see your article and they may like your article. If they like they will bookmark your site url into their browser. Thus you can get a regular visitor. If you are popular into social site , it will help you more for blogging.

How to share link on social site?

If you know the right way of how to share link on social site, it will be very helpful to you. Just share a link doesn’t the right way of link share. You will be impressed  by hearing that search engine also show your sharing link on there page. But for get space on the search engine page you have to do a tips.

The great tips for link sharing

When you share a link , you can see a box for write something. In this box you always write something or don’t write anything. Don’t write anything is not right way for sharing or write something is also not a way of right sharing. You have to write something but having your post keyword. You can use keyword three or four times on the text box for link share. This is the right way for link share on social site. Keyword is all in all for create a website or blog. So , you have to work with this progress. This is the tips To Use Keywords In Social Media .

Example : You have to go to google and write “mathematics is the language ”. You can see a keyword suggestion .


google keyword suggestion


You can select on “mathematics is the language of science”. You can get About 152,000,000 results (0.28 seconds) . This is the first page of google. Look at number three result. You can see a facebook page. This page get place with the best website of the world.


search result of a fb page


Thus the search engine shows social site result if you use keyword on your link share.  If you use this keywords in social media tips for your own website or blog, it may be very helpful for you. Mind that , the social media is more popular than your website or blog. So you have to take help from social media. So ,Use  keywords in social media by this tips and get success.

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