ID Attributes In Web Pages

ID is the short from of Identify. The ID attributes provides a unique name for design page. It can be used for making link on a same page.

HTML Format

A page having 3 paragraph. Look at the example,

<p>This is the first paragraph. </p>

<p>This is the second paragraph. </p>

<p>This is the third paragraph. </p>

There are theree paragraph , and you want to design this three by three different way. For that you can get help from id attribute.

<p id=”first”>This is the first paragraph. </p>

<p id=”second”>This is the second paragraph. </p>

<p id=”third”>This is the third paragraph. </p>

You can design if via css.

Mind that the ID attribute can not work in the following html tag ;

  •   Base
  •   Head
  •   Meta
  •  Script
  •  Title
  •   Style


Use ID in CSS: You have to use # sign before the id name while design any page by css. For example;


<head><title>CSS ID </title>

<style type="text/css">






<p id="first">This is the first paragraph</p>

<p id="second">This is the second paragraph</p>

<p id="third">This is the third paragraph</p>



Use ID in CSS

Use ID in CSS



Above paragraph has a ID named “first” and the second paragraph named “second” and the third named “third” .  I want to design this three paragraph with different types.  ID means identify , the id used for design this three. There are three paragraph and all three paragraph contains <p> tag. Now if we design <p> tag on css it will be output the same result for the three paragraph. For that we use ID attribute. You can read the CSS article also.




Here the “first” paragraph contains red background color, text color is white and text align is center . Text align indicates the position of the paragraph text. By this the second and third are done.


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