How To Upload WordPress Online From Localhost

how to upload wordpress into server from localhost

You have ready your site into localhost  but if you don’t know how to upload wordpress into server ,it’s very sad to you. Everybody will be seen your site after publishing on server. So that you must need to know how to upload wordpress into server . If you have domain and hosting ,you can make site in two ways. One of them is cpanel software and other is manually. I will show you manually how to upload wordpress . At first you have to login into your cpanel and go to file-manager.


you have to download the latest version of wordpress from .  You can find the latest version of wordpress into a zip file. After login file manager you can see the upload option.  how-to-upload-wordpress-upload

A new window will be open like the following image. select Permission 7 5 5  and select the directory of your zip file. Auto upload will be started.  how-to-upload-wordpress-upload-files

When upload will be finished you have to extract the zip file into your file manager of cpanel.  After extract complete close the window.  how-to-upload-wordpress-extract

Now go to wordpress directory and move the files into public_html or root directory. Select all and you can see the move option. Without public html you have to delete all files.



Now you have to create a new database for instal wordpress. Create a database from database wizard.  how-to-upload-wordpress-database-wizard

Look at the following picture I have create a new database.


Go to next step. Now you have to create user and at the same time you have to make a password. If you use password generator it will be very helpful to you.


Here you have to mark ALL PRIVILEGES. Look at the following picture;

how-to-upload-wordpress-ALL PRIVILEGESNow go to home, Click phpmyadmin from database.

how-to-upload-wordpress-phpadminExport your database from offline or localhost and Download this. After click on export a new window will be open. Look at this very carefully ,if all post,comment,table are selected. If all is ok then mark SQL radio button and click go button. Now you file will be download on your computer.

how-to-upload-wordpress-sqlAfter finishing download again go to the phpadmin of your cpanel. Select your new database.  Select the location of your file and upload it.  But check out the format.


When upload complete you can see a window like the following image,


Now , you have to instal your wordpress. Put your site link on Address bar , a configuration file will be open. Configure this with your Database name, User name, password etc.


Submit this and you run it. You can get a log in form for your site.


Just log in and go to dashboard now.

This is the system of how to upload wordpress into server . WordPress tools tutorial and Top 15 theme option in wordpress tutorial may be very helpful for you.

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