How To Submit Your WordPress Plugin Into Directory Using Subversion

May be you are a WordPress Plugin Developer and must wants to see your first WordPress Plugin into Directory.

No need to tell the popularity of WordPress. WordPress is highly customizable, this is the main reason being most popular blogging system. There are 75% websites built by WordPress in Internet because it has a big community. WordPress Plugin also gives some extra features on websites or blogs. gives us a great opportunity to show our works and helps people around the world. Everyone can contribute by useful WordPress Plugins to the repository. You can be one of the biggest community.

WordPress Plugin directory could be much richer but most of the Developer don’t know how to submit a WordPress Plugin into WordPress Directory. I have faced some problems like this. Today I will show you in step by step “How to submit your WordPress Plugin into Directory using Subversion”.

I am not writing this tutorial for creating a WordPress Plugin. I am showing you how to submit a WordPress Plugin after creating it.


What is your benefit by submit a WordPress Plugin into Directory

Skill Development: If you submit a WordPress Plugin then you cann’t be sure that the plugin will be approved. First they will check it and give you a feedback if there any lack of coding styles. Also if you are not familiar with GitHub then they will suggest you to submit there. It is very needed for a developer.

Downloads: When your plugin will be approved then you will see the statistics of Downloads of the WordPress Plugin. This will encourage your future work. Also you will see how your works taken by users.

Feedback: You will receive some great feedbacks for your great work. This is very big thing for anybody to get appreciate for great works.

Career: A great WordPress Plugin can make your career also. Many freelancers are working by showing their past works.

Maintenance and Upgrade: WordPress Plugin maintenance and upgrade is very easy. No need some extra customizations.

Now if you think you are ready to get the challenge then we will move forward. There are some rules to keep everything smooth and nice.

  1. Your WordPress Plugin must be compatible with GPLv2.
  2. You cann’t do anything illegal by your WordPress Plugin.
  3. Your WordPress Plugin must not embed any external links on the public site.

If you fulfill all the requirements the follow the steps-

If you are not registered with then register now.

First of all you have to submit your WordPress Plugin and you have to wait for approval of your plugin ideas. Example showing below-

Request to add WordPress Plugin into Directory


In the Plugin URL you have to add the .zip file link. Don’t use external site like Rapishare, Dropbox or Google. Use your website direct .zip file link.

You can also send direct email to fill up the above information directly to


Create a Readme.txt file for your WordPress Plugin

It’s very important to have a readme.txt file with every plugin. With this file WordPress detects your plugin. It contains all information about your plugin.

I am giving you my plugins example-


=== Your Plugin Name===

Contributors: Your Name or contributors of this plugin, usernames

Plugin Name: Your Plugin Name

Plugin URI: Plugins URL

Author: Plugin Author name

Author URI: Author URL

Donate link: Your Donation Link

Tags: Tags for your Plugin

Requires at least: Minimum requirements of the WordPress plugin

Tested up to: Latest version you tested it.

Stable tag: WordPress Stable Version


Now other important factors are-

== Description ==

== Installation ==

== Upgrade Notice ==

== Screenshots ==

== Changelog ==

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

== Donations ==


You have to make sure that you have standard file, like unordered lists, ordered lists. When you think that you have finished readme.txt file, then run it through official validator.

If everything is going ok, then you will get a notification email within 24 hours or it may take weeks. It might be in your SPAM folder, be aware of it and please check in very next day. Once approved you will get an email like this-


WordPress Plugin Confirmation email


Subversion SVN

After getting a mail like about you will need SVN to submit or upload your WordPress plugin. You can use command prompt also. But for a new user it’s quite easy to use Tortoise (Windows Version) and Versionsapp (Mac Version). We are showing here using Windows Version.

Install Tortoise SVN in your computer.

You can upload a WordPress plugin from any Directory of your computer. But my suggestion is to make a specific folder for your working in future. Suppose I have created a new folder named “ Plugin”. This is condition (Green Ticked) after submitting my plugin, so don’t look at this time about it.

Local Directory

Click right button of your folder and click “SVN Checkout”. You will see a window with your plugin URL like below.

SVN Checkout


See carefully above image- URL of Repository is my Plugin URL and Checkout Directory is my Local PC directory. Revision is “Head revision”. Now click ok, you have asked to give your username and password. It will connect with the repository to your local Directory. Now you will see a Green Ticked folder like above. Double click this folder and insert in this folder. You will see that four folders will be created- assets, branches, tags and trunk.

Trunk Folder



Now the WordPress Plugin you have worked copy and paste it in under trunk folder. After copying click right button on trunk folder-

SVN commit


You are seeing SVN Commit, click on SVN Commit. Trunk Commit window will open. In the Recent Messeges textarea type something like “First Release…” and click Ok. It will upload all your WordPress Plugin files to the repository and

You are finished !!!


Now check the plugin URL given by WordPress. It works instantly but for first time it may take upto 10 minutes, so stay calm. The plugin example I have shown you see the outlook of it.

WP Social Plugin


Download this plugin

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      Please check twice that you’ve been logged in and the URL given by WordPress. And also follow above instructions.