How To Select Best Keywords By Google Keyword Research Tool

A best keyword can improve your site perfectly. Without best keyword it is impossible for anybody to be success. Learn about Google keyword research tool and how to use for keyword research.

Best keyword On Google Keyword Research Tool

What is best keyword is a great question to you? I want to tell you something about what is the best keyword for you. There are many keyword in the world. You have to select this keyword which is perfect for you. Select that keyword which is law competition and Global monthly search result is good. If the global search result wave into 3,000 and 30,000 seems good one. If you can find more than 30,000 its good luck for you. Search for keyword into Google keyword research tool is not a full part of keyword research. This is a part of research best keyword. You have to take help from Google trands and Google search for find best keyword. Which keyword result is best is best for you.

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There are some steps for find a best keyword .  Look at the following steps and , I think it’s easy for you to get a best keyword for you via Google Keyword Research Tool .

Google Keyword Research Tool

At first go to Google Keyword Tool and than create everything for search your keyword. I again says that you must read Google Keyword Research Tool 1 and Google Keyword Research Tool 2 article. Without knowing this two article fully you may not able to do this.                              For example ; I have select a keyword like “Web designing” now this tool shows me many suggestion keeping relation with my “Web designing” keyword. You can try with this keyword into Google keyword tool. You can see that there are no law competition keyword. So that it’s very hard for you to work with such types of keyword.

Now. I have take a keyword like “Easy website” , search this into Google keyword tool and you can find law competition. You may think that you can work with this after seeing law competition. But , you just cross a step for keyword research.  Look at the following image, the global monthly search result is also good.


Now, Go to Google search by or you can go to google search directly with this keyword. Just move your mouse into the over the keyword and make a single click with left button and again a single click on Google search with left button. Look at the following animation;


You can see that, a new window will be open having the keyword with Google Result. You can see that  “About 2,510,000,000 results (0.33 seconds) ” ,now think about this keyword. How many popular website have  used this keyword for them. Look at the first and 2nd pages websites and their Google page rank and Alexa Rank. If Google page rank is more than 2 and Alexa page rank is less than 1,00000. Than it is impossible for you to work with this keyword.

Google Insights for Search

Again look at the animation and you can see “Google Insights for Search” option. This helps you to see how mush people daily search with this keyword. It the wave of this keyword is good ,its a plus value for you to get a best keyword.  The “Easy Website” has a great daily search value.


If your keyword contains regular search , you may be sure that you will be get regular traffic. If it drop down, your traffic may be drop down.

This three things are most important for a best keyword. By Google Keyword Research Tool you can not get the best keyword, you need to take help from Google search and Google Insights for Search .

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