How To Define Meta Tag In Html Into Blogger

Why define meta tag in html

This may a large and basic simple question for you. If you don’t know about it’s importance you will miss something. You can read the use meta tags article for learn how to use it. Look at the following image. define meta tag in html is very necessary for your SEO.

How define meta tag in html into Blogger

For doing this you must need to know about blogger template. Without know about blogger template you can not do this. I suggest you to read the Blogger Theme Layout  and  Blogger Dashboard article. If you read the meta tag article ,you can easily define meta tag in html .

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First you have to go to dashboard>template>edit html

Now you have to find the following code

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

This is not very hard work for you. You can get this code under the head tag of your blogger template. Look at the following image;

define meta content

After that look at the following code ; this is arranged for you;

<meta content='Description here' name='description'/>
<meta content='Keywords here' name='keyword'/>
<meta content='Author name here' name='author'/>

You have to just edit this code for your own website. You can put this code under the finding code;

define meta content demo

As my blogger site is made for flower. I have to research some keyword for my site and create a nice and short description for my meta description.

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I have edit this code for me. Look at the following code.

<meta content=' Flower is beauty of the world. Rose is the king of them. Nice flower is can bring happiness of heaven for you.' name='description'/>
<meta content= 'Flower, Rose, Nice flower' name='keyword'/>
<meta content='Jemee' name='author'/>

You have to copy or type this code under the finding code of heading. After that just save it. It will be arranged within 2 or 3 days.

define meta content final

I don’t know that how you perfect for define meta tag in html because , keyword research and create a description is very important for it.

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