How To Create A Website With Weebly

Weebly is also a cms site like wordpress . You can create a free website by the help of  Weebly.  If you want to create a website at weebly ,you must need to good at html and css. You can login at weebly by your facebook or twitter account. After all you need a E-mail account, first you have to sign up at and than a new page will be appear in your window. You have to select your site title and site category.

create a website title and category

Make a click on continue and than the domain window will be open. You have to select free and give a domain name related with title.

create a website doamin

Make a single click on continue. Facebook and twitter sharing box will be open. You can share your site into facebook and twitter if you want. I think, its no need to share your site into facebook and twitter now.

Look at the following picture , website published. Now you have to click on your site link.


You can see the following dashboard. This is different form wordpress or blogger. Though its different you can find easy here tor work. Because you can edit this site as you want. You can change full page as you want.

create a website dashboard

Off Image Header Menu

Go to the left side of the image and you can find a setting option. You have to select this and after that you can find a window like the following image.


Select no header for hide your header image.

Add Logo On Your Weebly Site

You have created a website and now you have to add a logo on your website. Now I am going to show you how you select a logo for your website. I have told you that work with weebly is not very hard. Mind that a logo of a website placed on the left -top corner of a site. I don’t like title, I am going to hide title and the logo replaced. move your cursor into the title. You can find something like the following image. Select logo now,


Now you can find the following window for upload a photo from your computer. If you want to add a logo from any URL you can use image URL for this. After upload the title text will be remove and the logo create a new place for it. You can resize your photo also.


Again go to logo and now you can find many option for edit this photo. You can try it now.


Add A Custom Contact Form Page On Your Website

Contact form page very important for create a website . Contact form increase the value of a site. You have to create a page like “home” now. After that you have to just add “contact form”.


Just simply create a page . Click on “Add page” than enter your page name and done it. Now you can see a webpage besides on home page called contact me. Just select contact form and drag it into the new page. After some time you can see this type of page.



Edit Home Page Of  Your Site

Homepage contains a great value for create a website and design it. You have to write something special into homepage. Your default home page is empty. Now you have to enter something here. You must need to know about html and css for make a gorgeous post into weebly. Go to Home page for edit this. You have to drag “custom html”  into the page. If you create a webpage by your notepad++ or other text editor , it will be very easy for you to copy and paste into the “custom html” page.

create-a-website-edit-homeThis is copy paste by me from my one page. I have added logo also ad a image. You can find output like the following image. Make a blank click by your mouse.  It takes a few second and , it looks like ;


This is the basic for how to create a website by weebly.  create a website at weebly is very easy than wordpress. You can edit this as you want. Visit direct my site ,which I used for making article .

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