How To Create A Post In WordPress :WordPress Tutorial#3

Create a post in WordPress is very much easier that other platform. After installing WordPress your first target is to create a post in WordPress.

In the last tutorial I have discussed how to Install WordPress in localhost. Today I will show you how to create a post in WordPress.

Step#1: WordPress Dashboard

First login into your admin panel. Then you will see a dashboard like below. If you are unable to login into your admin panel then see here.

Step#2: Posts

See carefully in the left side menu “Posts”.

Click Add New, It will be shown like below-

Your post title will be “Enter Title here” Text Box. Post details in the Text area. I have made a demo:

Test post

Step#3: Select Categories

After finish up your post writing see right side Categories. By default it is Uncategorized. Temporarily select uncategorized.

Click Publish button. Now see the view post