How Google Penguin And Panda Affects Your Site Rankings

I think you have heard the name Google Penguin And Panda and how this two things work. How Google’s Penguin And Panda works is a large question. The answer of it is very large but you can realize this after reading this article. But at first you need to know what is Google panda? and what is Google penguin? What is the relation between Google Penguin And Panda and How it affects on create a website .

Google Panda

Google Panda mainly gives the focus on the quality content and put the high quality websites in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and removes the low quality content websites from the list of SERP. This is Google Panda.

Google Penguin

It affects on those websites which has done the over optimization activities like cloaking, keyword stuffing and get the back links from the irrelevant websites. This is the latest update which is done by Google in April. Many people have done back links on irrelevant site to his site.

Google Panda Full Overview

Google Panda has been updated for those page ,which are not spam but not great quality. Panda is a site wide penalty, which means that if “enough” (no specific number) pages of your site were flagged for having thin content, your entire site could be penalized. If your site contain thin content , you may be penalized by the help of Google panda.

You can see the all panda update and their realize date from the following chart.

  • Panda 1.0 (aka the Farmer Update) on February 24th 2011
  • Panda 2.0 on April 11th 2011. (Panda impacts all English speaking countries)
  • Panda 2.1 on May 9th 2011 or so
  • Panda 2.2 June 18th 2011 or so.
  • Panda 2.3 on around July 22nd 2011.
  • Panda 2.4 in August 2011(Panda goes international)
  • Panda 2.5 on September 28th 2011
  • Panda 2.5.1 on October 9th 2011
  • Panda 2.5.2 on October 13th 2011
  • Panda 2.5.3 on October 19/20th 2011
  • Panda 3.1 on November 18th 2011
  • Panda 3.2 on about January 15th 2012
  • Panda 3.3 on about February 26th 2012
  • Panda 3.4 on March 23rd 2012
  • Panda 3.5 on April 19th 2012
  • Panda 3.6 on April 27th 2012
  • Panda 3.7 on June 8th 2012
  • Panda 3.8 on June 25th 2012
  • Panda 3.9 on July 24th 2012
  • Panda 3.9.1 on August 20th 2012
  • Panda 3.9.2 on September 18th 2012
  • Panda Update #20 on September 27 2012 (overlapped the EMD Update)
  • Panda #21 on November 5th 2012
  • Panda #22 on December 4th 2012
  • Panda #23 on December 21st 2012
  • Panda #24 on Jan. 22nd 2013
  • Panda #25 on March 25th 2013


Google Penguin full Overview

The Google Penguin Update launched on April 24. According to Google blog the Google penguin “important algorithm change targeted at webspam. The change will decrease rankings for sites that we believe are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines.”  Google says that typical black hat SEO like keyword stuffing (long considered webspam) may be harmful for your site, but less obvious tactics (link incorporating irrelevant outgoing links into a page of content) would also cause Penguin to flag your site. Many in the SEO community have speculated that contributing factors to penguin might be things like:

1. Aggressive exact-match anchor text
2. Overuse of exact-match domains
3. Low-quality article marketing & blog spam
4. Keyword stuffing in internal/outbound links

Google has so far rolled out the following Penguin updates:
1. Initial Penguin Update, April 24th 2012
2. Penguin 1.1, May 25th 2012
3. Penguin #3, October 9th 2012

Effects On SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Now the question that is in dire need to be answered is what is exactly left in SEO after these updates?  It’s difficult to answer correctly. Google's-penguin-and-panda-SEO But , you can realize the importance of SEO. If a website contains best content but less back link,  perhaps a another website contain many back link but not good content. Here the best content website will be granted. After all, best content website always granted by all. Back link is not great fact for them. But , related site back link is very important for a website. Always avoid doing irrelevant back link.

Google and the Panda , penguin algorithms

In this current world , there are no person who use internet but not familiar with Google. If any person go to the basic level of internet , he may be know that Google is a search engine. How search engine works is also known to him/her. As Google is known to everyone,  there is a real possibility of the perceived threats and excess trafficking. For this Google has come up with two updates formerly known as Google panda update and Google penguin update. For this two update , its possible to delete all the poor and unethically high- ranked websites from the internet. This two update take action against the poor and the low quality content but also grant penalties for paid links, key words stuffing, back linking, exact match key words, over optimizing and spamming.

After all you have to do white seo for your site for getting best feedback from Google Penguin And Panda . Google Penguin And Panda update harms many site for their false work. Before thinking and planing for create a website you must need to know about Google Penguin And Panda .

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