How Google Bot Visit My Website

Why and How Google Bot Visit My Website

When you listed your website into Google database or index, it visits your website automatically with automated programs named robots and spider. This program read your all webpage of your website automatically. This starts reading from your homepage and then linked into the homepage. When a search engine robots or spider visit your site, it’s called crawl or spider your site.  By this Google Bot Visit My Website and your also.

Google never add any webpage into your website. Google never delete also your webpage. Google just check your webpage. Google crawls performed by a Google spider called Googlebot. High rank website and these website which update regularly is crawled regularly.


You can check the server log file if you are interested or you can check IP address also. Though IP address is not a better idea because Google always use different IP address.
Google Bot Visit My Website

If you create a new website ,I suggest you to update your website regularly. You have to update your website or blogsite by  post regular. You can post 2 or 3 regular. This will be very helpful for you. Because by doing this Google crawl your website regular. Live your website as soon as possible. Your website age is also a great important thing into Google. Just creating the main layout of your website you can publish it and it will be indexed into Google.

Google update it’s index several times. Google update affects bed result to them who use black hat SEO for his /her site. All major update correspond to major ranking algorithm change. All update has their own name such as Florida, Bourbon, Allegra or Jagger.

This is the system for how Google Bot Visit My Website. Mind that , Google Bot Visit My Website for check my webpage. So be careful when you create a new post or page into your website.

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