Get Some Awesome Tips For Google Search is one of the best search engine over the world. The main target of all blogger is to index his/her site into google. For this reason google contains many many web page.

If a popular site write a little bit about any product or something it always place the first page into google page. But you may not find the right things into those popular site.

So what is the tips for Google Search?

There are some awesome tips for Google search. This tips helps you to get the right thing which you want. Ming that Google read you title , meta description , meta tags. This three thing is the main thing for a post. Who use wordpress , it’s easy for them to do title, meta description and meta tags.

Look at the following image , this is the main homepage for Google.

Use of I’m Feeling Lucky: If you make a click into “I’m Feeling Lucky” than Google auto redirect you into the first search result site.

google homepage search bar

You have to do something into the search bar to get targeted things which you need.

 #step 1 : We normally search something like the following image. We just type our targeted keyword and hit enter button of keyword for search. By this system Google always provide the popular site into the first page if those site wrote something about your targeted keyword or may be write details about your targeted keyword.

normal keyword tips for google search

#step 2: Just simply use the quotation marks into your targeted keyword. If you do Google deliver you those site list which title meta description include your targeted keyword. You can get your targeted product or something easily. Look at the following image for details.

quotation marks tips for Google Search

#step 3: At first look at following image. I have you ” allintitle:wordpress premium themes “. You can see the result number is decrease. This tips for Google search provide you those site URL which contains your targeted keyword into their title. So you can understand that this can help you very much. You can get your targeted things with this tips for Google search.

allintitle awesome tips for  Google Search

#step 4: We use “step 2” and “step 3″ at the same time in this tips. That means we gonna use search by typing ” allintitle:”wordpress premium themes” “, this provide you those site into the first page which title and meta description contains your targeted keyword. This is the perfect things for search targeted keyword or something into Google. You can see the search result page number again decrease.

allintitle  and quotation marks tips for Google Search

Conclusion: I don’t say you to just use the #step 4 every time. You can use the general search for every time. But when you can not find what you want into Google, than you those 4 step.

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