Pinterest Integration Tips For Blogger

What Is PINTEREST For Blogger?

Pinterest and Internet fall in love and you do not have to do anything. This is a fast growing online destination visually – Crazy Cool Image provides a buffet, and it’s just a great social networking tool. Through the combination of these two elements Pinterest has become a topic of interest for  bloggers far and wide. I am going to discuss about  Pinterest For Blogger in details into this post.

There is a great opportunity for your audience, even if you will not appear. In this command you should have to be consider it. Who is ready for use the following tips, you can explain them effectively how Pinterest  integrate your blog with effort.

1. How To Add “PIN IT” Button On Your Blog

Through social networks, you can follow all the trends and you will know that it is not easy to connect to the rest of the world. But now you can easily deliver your content through using “PIN IT” button on Pinterest Board it is an easy way to share. Fortunately, there is a simple way to add the button on Blog. This is very important and essential to Pinterest For Blogger .

  • Join Pinterest/Login  to your account.


Pinterest Log in Form

  • Grab the button code from «Goodies»


  • Add the following HTML code on your blog post and you’re done!


Pinterest HTML Code

2. How To  Make PINTEREST-FRIENDLY For Your Blog Post?

You are here – you can see that some of the core activities of the video image is divided into Pinterest. Send your recommendations message including of love. If you must include at least one image and then reported it to the readers can be mounted on the board. You definitely want to get this type of exposure, with high quality images in the next post or two, so you may want to think about, do not forget to complete it. You have to maintain this Pinterest For Blogger .

3. Using The Pinterest Plugin

If you try to support the integration of WordPress plugins you can consider your choice for using a blogging platform. There are some several key  to choose from Pinterest plugin, Pinterest galleries and Pinterest Follow Button are the most popular option. You can use those tool add “PIN IT” button and Pinterest HTML Code from above the options because there is no Official Plugin available for you.

4. Add Your Blog To The Board

Most bloggers focus on getting their blog posts on Pinterest, but this is the opposite system and you can add your blog to the Pinterest board. There are several ways to do this. Of course you can doing this by using your Pinterest RSS theme widget or you can use a plugin like functionality code, which requires some programming knowledge. For your blog you can use a tool like “IFTTT”, it is a automate Pinterest-inspired theme process for aforementioned method for WordPress.

5. Associate PINNERS Network

Pinterest is a social network can be shared, but it still falls into the same category as the others. In this site you can juice rich networking opportunities and able to chat with other users. Please comment on their pins, as they are Repin others. If you want to use the same method for social network marketing, stay away from spam advertising strategy, and your blog will get some excellent Pinterest traffic can be trusted.

6. Track Your Efforts

So you have to move your blogging efforts to integrate with Pinterest. This is how’s it going? Hopefully, that will allow you to find the best tracking system. Most of your report from Pinterest combing and once they know what they want to achieve through your blog. The JetPack WordPress, Blogger, Google Analytics can provide insight into a variety of tools to clean your blog.

Currently on the market

How long is the Pinterest craze? It’s hard to say. It’s next door to a popular site that can be issued for one year. The important thing to understand that fraud is very real. Bandwagon jumped on consumers and the brand sees better results in the near future. Now you can regardless of the fact that you will see some of the lines, you can start working on the future integration of Pinterest with your blog. Pinterest For Blogger effects on create website to make money also.

This is the learning about Pinterest For Blogger . Just try it.  Pinterest is diluted with you in your efforts? For the rest of us can do that? Enter a comment and share your expertise?