How To Create Website To Make Money

At first , I want to say that create a website to make money is not very easy .  There are some steps, you must follow this step for become success. There are mainly two steps for become success with a website. First is create a website and second is start advertising and promotion. This two steps contains some sub steps. But , if you try to success within one month or some days , it’s not possible for you. Keep patience with your work and carry on. After some steps you can have a fulfill knowledge about Create Website To Make Money .

Create a website               Create-Website-To-Make-Money-design

For create a best website you have to think and plan about your site. What you want to do your website is the main question for you. There are some steps for create a best website. Look at the following steps carefully. Though this is the first steps for Create Website To Make Money , its very important and essential for you.

Define your goal

You have to select your target. How you want to attract visitor? What types of add you want to publish? But , your main target is attract visitor to your website. After that , you have to think about advertisers. You have to work for advertisers. This is the primary level for define your goal.

  • Write best article for your site. When people visit your site and like your site than he /she likes to give a add on your site ,if he/she find anything closed about his/her add to content of your site.
  • What you want to do in your site is a great question for you. You have to select it for permanent. If you failed after passing half way, you may lose a lot of time. Mind that “Time and tide wait for none” . You have to try keep up more visitor in your site. For that , you have to work with your site regularly.

 Find a market

To generate most traffic for your site be selective in your target market. You have to attract visitor to click on your add. Don’t publish add which is not related with your site.

  • You have to keep in mind that, the goal is clicks not for sell. You have to attract your visitor by your post so that visitor clicks on your add.  Affiliation is also a way for marketing. You have to sell product from other affiliation site and they will pay you money.
  • Go to Google trends for see the search volume of a product. If you use Google trends for product ,it may be very helpful for you. You can see that some products are demanded on 2007 but now at 2013 the search is not very high. it’s just a matter of combing through to find ideas that pique your interest.

Secure a domain

Select a domain name is very important for your site. You have to select your business name and than you have to find a domain name and try to buy domain from same category of name with you. You may not get .com but you have to try with .net, .org and other also.  If you do this , you may come on first result on Google by the help of your domain.

  • A content related domain name is very helpful for you. This has the advantage of being the most flexible in terms of design and installation of custom code.
  • Alternately , You can sign up with blogger or wordpress and can create a websiteblogger or wordpress will give you nice template for your website. I suggest you to to get domain from blogger or wordpress . You can easily customized this website.

Build your site

You can design your website or you can hire designer for design your website. You can also create a website together with a designer. It’s become helpful for you also. You can learn something from your own website.

  • Your website content need to be fresh. Try to explain everything with simply. You must do external linking and internal linking on your site content . Create page into Facebook and Google plus .

 Keep it fresh

Don’t post irregularly into your site. You can schedule your post (if you use wordpress or blogger). If you update one post a day, just carry on by updating one post per day. Don’t update 4 or 5 post in a day after a long duration. Google doesn’t like this. Google likes work continue with blog or website.


start advertising and promotion

This is very important for you. You have to do everything very carefully. Read carefully the following steps for be clear about advertising and promotion. This is the second steps for you to Create Website To Make Money . It’s not very hard than the first steps.

Sign up for Google ad sense

Google ad sense place ads for goods and services that are relevant to your site’s visitors, based on the content of your site. You will paid any add of your site which are clicked on by visitor.

  • You may earn huge bu Google ad sense. Your main target is increase visitor. If your site contains huge visitor you may be get more click on ad sense add. So that , you can earn more. You don’t need to sell product but need more clicks. the more clicks and impressions you will have, and the more money you will receive.

Promote your site

When you publish a post, you have to work on social site. You have to share this post into facebook, twitter, Google plus and other social media. Before google index no one can understand that you have write a post. For informing other about your post , you have to do this.

  • You must have account on Google Plus+, Facebook, Twitter,LinkedInOrkut , Delicious  social media. make sure you have prominent links to your website on all of them.
  • Start a Email campaign as well. You can select a best article for 7 days and can design an email template for your own. You can send mail others mail account. But keep it mind that , if you send a huge number of mail ,it may be called spam.

Pay attention to your metrics

You have to research with add of ad sense. Find out which add work best. Which are best add for you.

  • You have to work continue with this. Mind that, if visitor waste time more into add, you may be get benefit. After all , the longer they stay, the bigger your paycheck will be. Good luck!

Sign up as an affiliate

Affiliation is also a good way for earning by website. There are many affiliation site in the world. You have to select that type of product which are related with your website content. If visitor like product into your website and go to buy it by refer of your site link you can get money. You will get money if he/she buy the product.

If you follow all this steps ,you can be success to Create Website To Make Money . But ,you have to work regularly. Keep it up  you can be success. This is the time for work.

Roy Jemee is a professional Blogger. Apart of blogging he likes to play with mathematics. He knows Blogging, Wordpress, PHP, javascript , SEO and some other.