Change Weebly Templates From Weebly Dashboard

Weebly Templates

Template is all in all for a website. A great template make a great look for your blog or website . So. change your default weebly templates now by replacing a new colorful template. It’s very easy to change a template in weebly.

How To Change Weebly Templates

At first log in your weebly dashboard. Than go to “Design” button. After click you can see many theme under that button. This all theme will be appear with a slider.


Just click on the slider button for more templates. If you find a nice template for your own use, you can select it and than save it. I have select one theme for this site. You can see this from the following picture.


This is done by only a theme. The background image, the header image, style and so on are on the server of the owner of the theme. If he removes the themes image the theme will be broken. But no one do this. If you take a careful look into the image you can see the “/edit HTML/CSS” option. This is the all in all for a theme. You can change this theme as you want by editing html/css. If you know HTML and CSS it may be better for you to edit a theme as you want.  So , try to learn the HTML markup language and CSS style sheet.

Edit HTML/CSS Of A Weebly Templates

I have clicked into “Edit HTML/CSS” option. After that you can see a window like the following picture. You can edit this as you want. But I again notify you to learn html and css. If you don’t know about html and css , please do not come to edit this. Without learning properly your theme may be broke. Be careful for edit this. If you can not see the picture clearly please open this picture in a new tab or new window.


Look at the ” My theme “, you can see here “main-style.css” and other html file part for your template. All things are here in part by part, so that it is very easy to know about theme. The “main-style.css” file is all in all for designing and colorful for template. The “Page layouts” are the html part of your theme.

Files : Files are very important for your template. A theme may not be colorful or professional without file. There are many type of file such as jpg, mp3, png, gif, mp4 and so on. But in the weebly templates you can find image file. This image file helps to make a colorful and professional template.  Weebly templates are not very hard to learn, you can make a view into blogger theme for more information about theme .

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