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Plugins of wordpress

Plugins are one of the most popular feature of wordpress. A complex problem may be solved by a simple plugin. There are more than 24500+ plugin in wordpress directory. You can do everything as you want by plugin. You don’t need to be a php developer for control your wordpress site. There is a list of Best WordPress Plugins 2013 for your site.

List Of Best WordPress Plugins 2013

After a lot of think publish best wordpress plugins 2013 list.  This all plugins are best wordpress plugins for your use having great review. best-wordpress-pluginWe have research more and more for create a list of best wordpress plugins . This best wordpress plugins list will be help you to create a website without coding . We can say that ,this post may be very important post for you. This best wordpress plugins list arranged by alphabetically. So that you can find any wordpress plugin easily.

Akismet : This plugin save you from spam. We all know about this plugin, because this is a default plugin for wordpress website.
Akismet Plugin Download Link.

Add-logo-to-admin : Though this plugin is very short , but its important. You can add logo of your site into wordpress login page, Dashboard. You can also replace logo by this plugin.
Add -logo- to-admin plugin Dowunload Link .

Adsense-manager : This plugin used for place Adsence code or Javascript code into any page of your blog or website.
Adesnce- manager Download Link .

All-in-one-favicon : By the help of this plugin you can use favicon to your site and your admin pages. You can add .png, .jpg, .ico format favicon to your site without coding.
All in one favicon Download Link .

All-in-one-seo-pack : This plugin is very important for search engine optimization. Only web developers know about the important of this plugin. By this plugin you can set site ,page, posts title without default title. You can set meta keyword and description also.
All in one seo pack Download Link .

Auto-excerpt-everywhere : There are many wordpress theme , which posts are  shown fully into homepage. But if you want to add read more option you can use this plugin.
Auto excerpt everywhere Download Link .

Author-avatar:You can show a list of writer on your site by the widget.
Author-avatar Download Link .

Automatic-youtube-video-post : You can share your own or other channel latest youtube video by this plugin with a widget of your site. It will automatically view the last uploaded video.
Automatic youtube video post plugin Download Link .

Bulet-proof-security : This is a security plugin for your wordpress site. You can easily maintain the security of your site by the help of this plugin.
Bulet proof security plugin Download Link .

Buddypress : If you instal this plugin , you can create a social site like facebook easily in your site.
buddypress plugin Download Link .

Bp-chat : After install Buddypress ,if you instal this plugin you can create a live chat box into your site.
Bp-Chal plugin Download Link .

Buddy-press-gallery : If you want to create a image gallery like facebook, you can use this plugin.
Buddy press gallery plugin Download Link .

 Capability-Manager : You can create Role by this plugin. You can give them fixed power also. You can manage everything of a Role by this plugin.
Capablity manager Download Link .

creative-clans-slideshow : You can create slideshow by this plugin from uploaded photo of widget.
creative clans slideshow plugin Download Link .

Grid products : There are many E-commerce plugin in wordpress. But all of them this plugin is best for use. This plugin helps you to   add product in a different way , add product details and other E-commerce option.
Grid products plugin Download Link .

dashboard-widget-remover : You can hide widget from from the blog member if you want. You can also view the default plugin of wordpress by this plugin.
dashboard widget remover plugin Download Link .

easy-admin-color-scheme : If you want to make a colorful dashboard of your wordpress. You can use this plugin. This plugin make a colorful dashboard.
easy admin color scheme plugin Download Link .

facebook-page-promoter : A facebook like box will be come at first ,when any body visit your site. This work can be done by this plugin.
facebook page promoter Download Link .

GD star ratings : By this plugin you can give star rate to all post user.
GD star ratings plugin Download Link .

Glass : This plugin works like a Magnifying glass . If you move your cursor into the post image , it will be magnify so that the image will be clear. Glass plugin Download Link .

Google XML sitemap : This plugin is very much popular. You can create wordpress sitemap and update sitemap easily by this plugin.
Google XML sitemap plugin Download Link .

Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+ : You can use social share button by this plugin.
Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+ plugin Download Link .

kontrol-developer-kit : You can control as you want.
Kontrol-developer-kit plugin Download Link .

marquee : This plugin used for making moving text like new headline. Marquee plugin Download Link .

Meta-tag-manager : Use meta name from dashboard by this plugin.
Meta tag manager plugin Download Link .

Mobilepress : mobilepress  plugin plays a great role for display your site into mobile phone.  If you use this theme , your site will be contain some extra theme. If anyone visit your site , this plugin will be automatically redirect him/her into the mobile theme.
Mobilepress plugin Download Link .

Next-gen-gallery : You can create more than one Gallery by this plugin and use theme into fixed place. This is one of the most important plugin for googel adsence.
Next gen gallery plugin Download Link .

NewStatPress : How many visitor visit your site? How many unique visitor? What about your pageview? What about your refer link? If you want to know about the ans of this question you can use this plugin .
NewStatPress plugin Download Link .

Nivo-slider : Under website header you can use a simple and professional slideshow by this plugin. best-wordpress-plugins-2013
Nivo-slider plugin Download Link .

Nrelate-Most-Popular : You can create hot post as you want by this plugin. There are popular post in your site, but if you want to put some important article into your wordpress website you can use this plugin.
Nrelate Most Popular plugin Download Link .

pie-register : The sign up page of wordpress is very simple. But if you want to customize it you have to use this plugin. You can add password fild, text fild, text box, check box, Redio button, select option, Date of birth, terms and condition by this.
Pie register plugin Download Link .

p2pConverter : By this plugin you can convert post into page or convert page into post .
p2pConverter plugin Download Link .

Profile-pic : By this plugin your site visitor can add their profile photo by uploading it.
Profile-pic plugin Download Link .

Polldaddy : You can get rating, like/dislike by this plugin.
Polldaddy plugin Download Link .

Lockerpress-wordpress-security-plugiin : Secure your wordpress website by this plugin. Hacker won’t hack your site easily if you use this plugin. This plugin gives you some extra security.
Lockerpress wordpress security  plugin Download Link .

Last-viewed-post : By this plugin the blog reader can see the last post view.
Last viewed post plugin Download Link .

Require-thumbnail : If the blog writer don’t use thumbnail image for their post ,they can not publish it. If you want to do this you can use this plugin. Require thumbnail plugin Download Link .

Require-post-category : This is also a plugin like Require thumbnail. But here , you have to select a category. Without selecting a category your post can not be published.
Require-post-category plugin Download Link .

Replymail : If anyone replay your comment into a website or blog ,this plugin send a mail to notify.
Replymail plugin Download Link .

Sb-reply-comment : By the help of this ,you can use @ automatically.
Sb reply comment plugin Download Link .

Sidebar-login : By the help of this plugin you can put the log in option of your wordpress site into sidebar of your site.
Sidebar login plugin Download Link .

Simple-top-commenter : You can show the top commenter of your site by a widget and the help of this plugin.
Simple to commenter plugin Download Link .

Smart-404 : By the help of this plugin you can redirect your 404 page into other page.
Smart 404 plugin Download Link .

Smooth-slider : You can add latest post slide show on your site at any place.
smooth-slider plugin Download Link .

Syntax-highlighter : If you write programming code into your post , it will be shown in a colorful system by this plugin.
syntax-highlighter plugin Download Link .

Top-authors : It will help to display the top writer of your blog or website.
Top authors plugin Download Link .

W3-total-cache : This is a cache plugin. By the help of this plugin the browser cache html, css, javascript, image for a short time. So that ,the site or blog took a little time for load. This is the number one cache plugin in wordpress.
W3-total-cache plugin Download Link .

wang-guard : At the time of log in or registration this plugin helps to show a captcha system. It can be done by this plugin.
Wang-guard plugin Download Link .

Wp-ban : I think you can understand the use of the plugin by it’s name. This plugin helps you to ban any user.
Wp-ban plugin Download Link .

wp-copy-protect : You have written your blog or site post, but some one other copy it. If you want to solve this problem you have to use this plugin. This plugin stop copy and paste.
Wp copy protect plugin Download Link .

wp-favourite-post : The blog subscriber can mark posts as their favourite post by this plugin. After that, if the subscriber log in into the site he/she can see his/her all favourite post from dashboard.
wp favourite post plugin Download Link .

wp-antivirus : Is there any virus code into your theme? Are you confused about it? You can use this plugin for scan your theme and find out the virus code of you theme.
wp- antivirus plugin Download Link .

wp-links :This is a small plugin of wordpress. By this plugin , if anybody click on your site link it will be open in a new tab.
wp-links plugin Download Link .

Wp-monalisa : This plugin used for creating imo (smily) into blog post or blog comment.
wp monalisa plugin Download Link .

wp-pagenavi : This plugin used for page navigation. So that , visitor can understand how much post a blog or site content. Visitor can find easily blog post also by this.
wp pagenavi plugin Download Link .

wp-postviews : how many times the post has been read by visitor has been count and display by this plugin.
wp-postviews plugins Download Link .

wp-recaptcha : You can use google captcha service into your wordpress blog or site. By this you can stop spam, bot comment, subscriber into your site.
wp-recaptcha plugin Download Link . Stats : You can know about the present blog stat by this plugin. Stats plugin Download Link .

wp-user-online : You can see how many visitor are visiting your site at this time by this plugin.
wp-user-online plugin Download Link .

 wp-comment-images : If you install this plugin , your site contains a image upload option on your blog.
wp-comment-images plugin Download Link .

wp-db-backup : Sometime , your blog hosting may be suspended. There are nothing to do for you. You can use this plugin and create backup of your site.
wp-db-backup plugin Download Link .

WordPress SEO by Yoast : Yoast is the best plugin for SEO on wordpress. You can use meta description and can see other SEO option here. Green signal is helpful you for you.
WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin Download Link.

yet-another-related-post-plugin : It will display some post headline under a post. It helps visitor to go to other post from the related post.
yet another related post plugin plugin Download Link .

zingiri-forum : If you create a forum on your blog you can use this plugin.
Zingiri forum plugin Download Link .

This is the all best wordpress plugins for you. You can download this and without coding you can create a website now by wordpress.

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