Best Way For Optimize Your Website

Create a website and be one of the top into search engine is a great challenge for everybody. If you optimize your website correctly than, its very easy for you to be success. You can not get enough traffic by sharing post into social site. But this is also a part of optimize your site. You have to do some critical thing for optimize your website perfectly. So how do you develop Web content that caters to both search engine spiders and Website visitors? Is a burring question for anybody. I am going to discuss about how to Optimize Your Website and how to develop it into search engine for get traffic. There are some steps for do this perfectly, there are many people in the internet world who knows about this things but can’t maintain all this thing. Try to maintain all this thing if you know about Optimize Your Website.

Importance of Title & Meta tags

At first i wanna tell you that, search engine can read your meta tags not your whole content. So you can realize how important meta tags are. The Title tag must be used into your web pages. The title express a summary of your page content. You have to use title of your webpage by keeping relation with page content. The Title and  Meta Description helps to rank your web pages into Search engine like Google .  Always write a Meta description while you create a web page or create a post into any CMS site like wordpress or blogger and so on. Mind that, Meta tags are the key for create place on search engine. Search engine can read your meta tags.


Mark your main keyword strategically of your content

Having keyword into content is very important for you. Use bold(<b>—</b>) or strong (<strong>—</strong>) tag for your main keyword into the beginning of your post. Keyword is very important for writing a post. If you have written a great post having a poor keyword ,you may not get best result as you want. You can write 1+ post into your website for get best result. If you don’t know about keyword research , you have to take help from a keyword researcher. It’s very important , without selecting best keyword you can not success in life.

Place Your Main Keyword Into H1 tag of Web Page

Google take extra care for the H1 tag . You must need to use your main keyword into H1 tag.  There are H1 to H6 heading tags. H1 is most important than H2 after that H3. You don’t need to use H3 tag any more. You can use H2 tag after H1 tag. You can use only one time H1 tag but you can use more than one time H2 tag as you need. Suppose, you are writing a article now. Only keyword doesn’t express the full thing of your content. There are some other important things also. You need to indicate the important thing into H2 tag.

 Create A Sitemap For Your Blog or Website

It’s really good for you to update your blog or website and index into search engine. It is very easy to create broken link and design flaws which are important for search engine optimization. You have to use sitemap for optimize your blog . You can read submit sitemap into bing article. By this tips you may be able to submit site map into google by google webmaster.



Keep Update Your Blog or Website

Update your blog or website regular is very important for optimize your website . Regular update doesn’t mean that you have to post daily. What is regular update?

  • Regular update mean publish post after same duration. Suppose , you have publish one post after 2 days , try to always do that. It’s very bad for you to update 3 or 4 post in a same day. This is regular update your blog or website.

Avoid Iframe

Always try to avoid use Iframe into your webpage.  Sometime , iframe can’t be load dew to slow internet connection. Try to explain something without frame.

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Create Back links

Back links are very useful for get more visitor on your site. But, you must create back links same site. Suppose, you have a site with computer review, you must create back links into computer review website. If you create back links into mobile review website you may be attacked by Google penguin . After writing a post , you can create 10 or 20 back links via Google searching keeping relation with the post.

Validate Your HTML Code

Validate your html code regularly.  You can get help from Validator website. If your website HTML contains error you can see this. As a result, the search engine may ignore that text, and your web page will not be shown in its results page.

This is some way for optimize your website . If you follow this all topics highly you can be success. Mind that, optimize your website is very hard than creating a website.

Roy Jemee is a professional Blogger. Apart of blogging he likes to play with mathematics. He knows Blogging, Wordpress, PHP, javascript , SEO and some other.