Basic Concepts On WordPress: WordPress Tutorial-1

I am about to write a book on WordPress Tutorial, one of my younger brother suggest me to publish on my blog. I also thought this is a very good idea to give message visitors. I will write it continuously but first of all I have to know that how it will be taken by visitors. I want feedbacks, if I will get good feedback then I will continue my writing.

Many people don’t know about WordPress. I am not writing this article those peoples are experts. Many people wants to know “How to make a website Easily”. I couldn’t answer then in short. It’s impossible to give answers like that “easily”. Is web programming is easy! I don’t think so…

If you want to make a dynamic website then you should have basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL etc. It’s the beginning, for more interactive JQuery, Ajax is essential. You can choose as a server side script language PHP or ASP or any other language and for database scripting MySQL or Oracle.

Which is best for me?

There is not a easy way to make a website. Even I don’t know. If you want to know customize based  CMS(Content Management System) platform like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc then it will be easy to make a website but you should know the languages first to be a good developer.

Many people are working on Joomla. They are treating as like they made a website but when I asked them “where are the posts storing?”- they were thundered. I suggest you to work with WordPress because if you can work manually to build a website- it’s fine, but when you haven’t get enough time to make it manually then WordPress is perfect for you. Here you can implement your own codes.


What is WordPress ?

WordPress is a web based software called CMS(Content Management System). By using this you can re-arrange your contents easily, you don’t have much knowledge and doesn’t need any crash course to work with WordPress. Now a day WordPress is most popular because of its usability, very easy to understand. There are thousands of plugins to extend the functionality of your website or blogs.

If you will learn from an expert, I think you can learn WordPress an hour. I love WordPress, I am enjoying to work with WordPress. I never felt free like I am work with WordPress.

What is Web Developing in WordPress?

Yes, good questions. If you want to be a web developer then you’ll have to learn HTML, PHP, MySQL. It seems to me that you learn all the necessary languages. But if you will get a platform that will actually work like when you are working manually. In this case you have got a ready made platform to work. WordPress will give you the rights to customize as like you want. Suppose you want to make a website, if anyone will show you make a website within half an hour then you must be curious how it works really… I think so. Once done then WordPress will force you to learn those languages.