All In One SEO Pack

When we detected high|the highest} rated SEO plugin into wordpress we are able to see the “All in One SEO Pack” plugin within the top list. tired One SEO is one in every of the simplest fashionable WP plugin that downloaded quite fifteen million downloads. If you’re thinking that that merely install this plugin and you’ll get all SEO feature mechanically , it’s wrong to you. you’ve got to tack it along with your website. This helps you to try to to the SEO feature simply. during this following article i’m about to show you ways you the way to use tired One SEO plugin in an exceedingly right way and find correct SEO profit for your diary.

Download The “All in One SEO Pack” and install it.

All in One SEO Pack install

How to set up All in One SEO Pack

To set up bushed One SEO Pack, visit bushed One SEO>>General Settings. check up on the overall settings possibility, the primary possibility is to modify canonical URLs for your web site. during a typical WordPress installation, one post is displayed on many locations like your homepage, archives page, author page, class and tag pages. business enterprise full articles on all pages creates duplicate content. By specifying a canonical uniform resource locator for every post , you’ll be able to avoid duplicate content penalty from Google.

All in One SEO Pack General Settings

Set up Homepage All in One SEO Pack

In homepage settings section, you’ll specify a title for your homepage. This title could also be totally different from your wordpress web site title. however if you utilize the most effective keyword into this title this might be terribly helpful to you. If you allow this text field blank, then this plugin can use the default wordpress web site title.Whether you utilize a special title or identical title as your journal, confirm that it’s catchy and contains your website’s main keywords. as an example, our homepage title is h2cweb– a way to produce web site.

All in One SEO Pack Home page Settings

In the homepage descript particle field, you’ve got to produce a short description of your web site. Keep it beneath 156 characters and should use your website’s most significant keywords within the description. don’t try and stuff keywords within the description and ensure that your description is clear and simple to know. within the keywords field, enter your websites most significant keywords. once more don’t enter too several keywords into the keyword field, five to ten keywords ar quite ample. If you allow description and keywords field blank, then dead One SEO won’t use them on your homepage. If you would like to induce most advantages, then you need to fill these in.

Keyword Setting All in One SEO Pack Home page

You can add manual keyword into all page or post. this is often terribly effective to you. tired One SEO will dynamically generate a listing of keywords supported post spearing on the posts page at that point. we might advocate that you simply uncheck the dynamically generate keywords for post settings and manually add keywords to every page to induce most advantages.

All in One SEO Pack Keyword Settings

Title Settings All in One SEO Pack

Title settings give you to line the default title templates for each page or post generated by WordPress. this might be one post or main page or archives or tags or class pages. WordPress give a  title  setting with WordPress theme files by default. bushed One SEO pack simply rewrite titles. it\’s enabled by default to write any theme settings.  I counsel you to go away this setting. this is often concentrate on SEO.

All in One SEO Pack Tittle Settings

Set up Webmaster Verification

This is the choice by that you’ll be able to verify webmaster tool. this is often for prove the possession of your web site to Google, Bing or Pinterest. I recommend you to enhance you web site SEO you must sign in for Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. These webmaster tools will give you with helpful insights concerning your web site, and it’s computer program rankings.

All in One SEO Pack Webmaster Settings

NoIndex Settings

This option can assist you if you would like to don’t index your webpage into programme. There square measure some SEO skilled WHO believe that if there contains duplicate content into programme you need to avoid index your this page. . beat One SEO permits noindexing for class and archive pages by default , we’d advocate that you simply un-check classes.

Optimize Your Posts and Pages With All in One SEO

There ar several beginners WHO don’t savvy to use this plugin properly? investigate the subsequent screenshot ,this may be useful for you. you have got to enter page or post tile , description and keywords for each post and pages.

All in One SEO Pack preview post

I hope that guide helped you started with All in One SEO pack plugin for your WordPress web site. If you would like to grasp regarding any question regarding this plugin create a comment by your question.

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