All Html Code Summary

Some basic and necessary html code here. No description here for all html . Just example and code here for all html.

Html : A Basic html doc.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>title of your page</title>

All text and html tags goes here.




Html heading element :

<h1>Largent heading </h1>

<h2> Samll then h1 </h2>
<h3> Small then h2</h3>
<h4> Small then h3  </h4>
<h5> Small then h4 </h5>

<h6> Smallest heading </h6>


Text elements:

<p>This is indicate a paragraph</p>
<br> (Use for making line break)
<hr> (horizontal rule)
<pre>This text is preformatted</pre>\

<em> emphasized text</em>
<strong> strong text</strong>
<code> computer code text</code>



Direct link: <a href=””> homepage</a>

Image link: <a href=””><img src=”image url” alt="Alternate Text”></a>

Mailto link: <a href="">Send e-mail</a>


Unordered list:



Ordered list:

  <li>First item</li>
  <li>Second item</li>



<iframe src="h2cweb.html"></iframe>



Image tag:

<img src=”URL” alt=”text about image”>



© is the © name copyright

< is the < name less than
> is the > name greater than
& is the &  name ampersand

¢ is the ¢ name cent

§ is the §  name section

™ is the ™ name trademark
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