Add Image Into Webpage By Html Image Tag

About html image :

html image  is a great thing for your website. But you can not set a image without following the rule of setting image. Necessary images make a website beautiful and color full . html image tag will help you for make a great website.

Use of html image:

In html or web page a image is indicate by <img> tag. This <img> is a single tag. It has no closing tag. If you want to display any image on web page you must use src attribute.  Src means source.  Example: <img src=”link of image”>

Alt html image attribute:

alt attribute says the alternative text about any image. If image can’t display on browser , the alt text will be display then.  Example: <img src=”link of image” alt=”your _ text here”>

Set height and width of your image:

The height and width attributes are used for indicate height and width of your image. Example: <img src=”link of image” alt=”your _ text here” width=”304″ height=”228″>  The browser always catch the number of height and width in pixel.

Align html image:

you can set your image on middle, top, bottom by align attribute.

A full example : The following picture has been captured from my pc. Here you can see a jpeg image named h2cweb1 .

Example picture for html image

example for img









I want to show this picture on my browser.  I have to save a html doc on same directory. If I don’t do this I have to find link of image and than put it after src attribute. If you don’t know how to make a html doc you have to read Html Web Pages And Attributes and Html Step By Step article.

<img src=”h2cweb12.jpg” alt=”logo for”>

output will be ,

output of html image

output for img tag









In the following picture I have shown the directory of my pc.

directory for html doc and image

directory for html doc and image

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