Add Google+ Comment On Blogger

Google +

We all known to Facebook. Like Facebook , Google + is also a social site. The Google + hugely used for business. I think you must need to have a page of Google +.  A Google + page can get more traffic for your website. For create a website great it is very helpful.

Why Google + is important ?

Google + count search result on Google also. If you mention your post  main keyword on your Google + page , it may be come on search result and you can get traffic. Facebook also contain this rule.

Add Google + Comment On Blogger

Any one who have a Google  + Id , he / she can comment on your blog now. The readers can share their post also into their Google + account by Google + comment of blogger. Its very simple to create a Google + comment box on blogger account. You have to login your blogger dashboard and than select Google + option. After get into Google + option you have to select the following option as I do. Look at the following image for be clear about it. Just make a single mark on “ ? ” option .


This will be automatically save on your blog or site. You can also select “Prompt to share after posting ? ” if you want to get a dialogue box after posting. By this , you can share your blog post on your Google + account. After all , look at the following image this is a comment box for your blogger blog.


You must use this for get more followers and handout with friends.

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