8 Top Things Which Are Look For Google

Google Page Rank is a very important and necessary thing for your website . Google PR indicates the importance of your site. Google PR bound into 0-9. More than 5 PR is called high PR site. Once you get PR by Google you can realize that you are so important into Google. You may loss your PR also because of changing the program. Google update it’s program every year. look for googleGoogle update plays a great role for increase or decrease your Page Rank. Optimize your post is very important for get Page Rank.


8 top things which are look for Google

Although Google look for more than 100 things for rank a page but there are main 8 things which are mainly look for Google. You must do this 8 things for rank your page. Without following this 8 things you can not do perfect SEO and can not do rank your page. The first two items is more important from other items.

1)      Use keyword into link text. Use this both on your site and other site. The more links you have on other site mean that it’s more important for you. This back link is also come on Google search result.

2)      Use keyword into your title of your webpage.  You must use keyword with other word. But  do not avoid keyword.(<title>Keyword with other word</title>)

3)      Use keyword into heading tag (h1- h2) and put your keyword into content.

4)      The page rank is depend on , how much back link is created with the link. Much back link can create much page rank of your web page.

5)      Every web page should contains at least 200 word related with the main keyword of any post. The better web page in a site can get better page rank for your site.

6)      If you don’t update your site regularly, try to update your site regular for better ranking.

7)      How fast you are obtaining new links. Mind that too many links too fast is a bad thing.

8)      How old the site is? How old your web pages are? This is also a main factor for your site. A old site considered good at first. So, create a new site now.

After all, I want to tell you that optimize your website with best keyword.

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