7 Best Website On Page Optimization Tips

on page optimization tips

As there are off page optimization tips and perhaps there are also on  page optimization tips also. On page optimization tips are very important for create a website. On page SEO is done into your website. That means your site related SEO is known to on page SEO for your website. Such as meta tag (title, keyword, description) of your website is one kind of on page SEO. On page SEO is very important for your website. You can’t create a website without doing on page SEO. You must need to do it for search engine. Search engine is depend on your on page SEO of your website.
There are no fix number of it. But we have chosen the following seven as most necessary for your on page optimization.

on page optimization tips

Meta tag

In On page optimization tips the meta tag is most important thing. This is hidden from your site post but it is shown by Google and Google display it into their search result. Read how to use meta tag and what is meta tag. Meta tag is one of the most important on page optimization tips.

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H1 to H6 tag

H1 to H6 tags are called heading tag. Heading tag is the main head of your web page. But you can not use heading tags for displaying large or short text into webpage. Learn the proper use of heading tags.

Image alt attribute

There is nothing to say about image alt attribute. You must read the proper use of image into blog article. If you read this article you can learn details about a image into blog or website. You can learn also how Google understand same image?

Name of page

Name means title of any page. A nice and unique title is very important for your post. This is one of the basic way of html and it is very necessary for on page seo. Read the html title article for more about how to create page title.

Permalink for link structure

Permalink is your post link or page link. Place your keyword into this permalink. It’s better idea for better link. You have to do this for people . There are some people who see the link while he /she get the link from somewhere.

best on page optimization tips


You can edit the permalink anytime. But if you edit it after publish a post or after share post into social site or after create back link you can not be successful with this post. Your share link is seems a broken link. So , think carefully before publish  a post .

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SEO friendly content

We know that content is the king of any website. So ,SEO friendly content is very important for your website. You must optimize your content . Read the Tips For Create SEO Optimized Articles In WordPress article.

XML sitemap

Sitemap helps to find any thing easily from your site. You have to create your sitemap and index it. You can create your sitemap from http://www.xml-sitemaps.com site. Just follow the instruction and do sitemap for your own site.

This all 7 on page optimization tips will help you to do at lest 60%+ on page optimization .

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