5 Tips You Must Know For SEO Weebly

At first log in into your weebky dashboard . Now look at the menu bar. You can see the following image for understand . You have to go to setting option. I have maintain 5 tips of 5 option for SEO weebly .


After that , you can see the settings menu of your website. You have to set everything seo friendly for your website. This settings help you for your develop your website. A new pop up box will be open like the following image. Look carefully for know the 5 SEO weebly option.


you can see four option here. This five options are very helpful for your site. Though it doesn’t display something into your site but it helps search engine for your site. Without the help of search engine you can not success.  But all of them the search engine optimization is very important. You can understand the importance by its name.

General Settings

Make a single click on “general settings” option for open it. If you can do it, you will be show option like the following image;


You can change your site address , change your site title, change the favicon of your site, use site password for protect your site, change the footer message which given default by weebly , Navigation and facebook sharing. You have to add facebook share option for you site. Site title is very important for your site. A best title can attract visitor.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I have told you that ,this option is very important for seo. You have to think how you want to set it. Sometimes it takes 1 or 2 days for think. If your think is right you can get benefit , but if you wrong you will lose.


Indicate your site description within 70 or 80 words. Your site description need to be short but informative. You have to say something about your website in short. Suppose you have a flower website, your description may be like the following statement;

Delightful collection of so many beautiful flowers, outstanding gallery.
I like all this flower very much. they look so beautiful i love flowers.

you can create better description for your own also.

Meta keyword is also very important for your website. You have to use keyword for your website. You must use comma (,) for separate keyword from each other. Use googel analytics tracking code into the text box and use googel webmaster verification code into the header code .

Ecommerce Settings

Select merchant account for your site and select Currency for your site from this option.


There are no information that need to say in details.

Mobile settings

If you create website only for computer or laptop , the mobile user get boar for view your site. You have to set the mobile option besides computer or laptop.


There is no hard option for you. You have to select enable mobile and select color for mobile visitor. There are no more design for mobile template.

Archive / Un- publish

You can create a .zip file of your site.  You also select your site as unpublish .



This all option is necessary for your site. If you maintain the search engine optimization for SEO weebly , you may get good result. After all, this 5 tips for SEO weebly is important. Just try to use this 5 tips correctly to get better result for SEO weebly .

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