5 Tips For Efficient Google Search Methods

In the current world ,all people know about Google Search who use internet. But all of them don’t know about efficient google search methods . As they don’t know efficient google search methods they fails sometime to find out right result as they want. I am going to explain 5 tips for efficient google search methods for you. I think this all 5 tips may be helpful for you.

Long Tail Keyword

When you go to Google homepage for search something you have to use long tail keyword for get perfect result. This is very important for you to find correct result from Google. Always try to use 5 to 7 word for finding your result.


Use Minus Operator (-) To Narrow The Search

Some time we search something unexpected. At this time you can use the Minus operator(-) . Terms with multiple meanings can return a lot of unwanted results. If you use this minus operator you may get right result as you want.For example, when you search for caterpillar, references to the company Caterpillar, Inc. will also be returned. Use Caterpillar -Inc to exclude references to the company or Caterpillar -Inc -Cat to further refine the search.

Don’t use article words and punctuation

A, An, The are called article. Just avoid this three article for search. You must avoid also punctuation. All professional blogger and SEO master avoid this when they do SEO or write any post title.

Capitalization Search

Most search engines do not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase, even within quotation marks. The following are all equivalent:

  • how to create a website
  • How to create a website
  • “how to create a website”
  • “How to create a website”

Simple SEO Technique For Use Proper Image

Importance Of Outbound Links

Use quotation marks for exact phrases

I often remember parts of phrases I have seen on a Web page or part of a quotation I want to track down. Using quotation marks around a phrase will return only those exact words in that order. It’s one of the best ways to limit the pages returned. Example: “Be nice to nerds”.Of course, you must have the phrase exactly right — and if your memory is as good as mine, that can be problematic.

This 5 tips is most important for efficient google search methods .

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